About SikhAnandKaraj.com

The Concept

SikhAnandKaraj.com is a free matrimonial site (unlike Shaadi.com and Jeevansaathi.com), setup by a young team with recent experience of searching and finding our soulmate.

 Yes, we have recent, first hand experience of searching for our soul-mate!

Like most people, we began our search for a soulmate by leveraging the network of our well-wishers. But soon we realized that this significantly limited our options. Furthermore, when any of these well-wishers did find a potential suitor, they provided limited information about the suitor. Setting up even the first interaction with the suitor's family came at a huge cost. And interaction between the potential bride and groom was generally limited to a 30 minute conversation followed by pressure from well-wishers to make a final decision. To make matters worse, with all the effort spent on setting up this meeting, it felt very awkward to decline any of these proposals.

Then we leveraged the power of online matrimonial websites to find our soulmate!

In order to overcome the above challenges, some of us posted a profile on matrimonial websites. The initial experience was mixed. Some profiles were not a good match at all. But a few were so good that we became increasingly confident about finding our soulmate through a matrimonial website. The best part was that we could interact with potential matches in a hassle free manner - just with the click of a button. Finally after several months of regular search and interaction through the matrimonial websites, some of us married our perfect soulmate. We would have never found such good matches through any other avenue.

After spending a small fortune on paid online matrimonial websites - we decided to launch SikhAnandKaraj.com - a completely free matrimonial website

However, all popular matrimonial websites charge blindly an ongoing subscription fee. It was almost like they were charging us for their inability to find us a suitable match. The longer they failed at finding us a match, the more money they made from us. Given the benefits of searching for a match through matrimonial website, we decided to start a portal of our own. But with one huge benefit for our users. We decided to charge a nominal subscription fee to our users for all basic features.

SikhAnandKaraj.com includes biodatas from marriage bureaus and community based organizations (samajik organizations)

Over time we realized the importance of Marriage Bureaus and Community Based Organizations or Samaj's for ensuring an exhaustive database of potential matches. So SikhAnandKaraj.com has become the first website of its kind to digitize the biodatas held by these mediums, conventionally in an offline form. This not only helps the broader userbase of SikhAnandKaraj.com, but also helps these organizations boost their efforts in matching prospects in their database.

We understand the value that marriage bureaus and community organizations can offer

In this inclusive ecosystem, SikhAnandKaraj.com ensures that these social and business entities do not lose out on their importance. When any user on our website is interested in another user from these organizations, we just direct them to corresponding organization for taking the conversation forward.

Providing useful profiles is our top goal

SikhAnandKaraj.com believes in preserving the quality of its users by actively moderating content that is spammy, abusive or obscene. We also take pride in manually reviewing all photos that go on our website just to provide a clean environment for all suitors.

We present practical opinions on matrimony and relationships on our blog

To facilitate right decision making when it comes to matrimony, SikhAnandKaraj.com publishes insightful blogs on topics pertinent to marriage and finding the right match. Furthermore, we have an active discussion forum where members can freely converse with each other.

We are completely FREE - so users don’t have anything to lose - but a lot to gain!

SikhAnandKaraj.com has tried our best to bring together the best of both the worlds - efficient online matrimonial search and cost-effectiveness. We shall continually improve it so as to serve you all.

After all, Marriages are made in heaven....why PAY more to meet on Earth?