Karanjeet and I Studied in the Same College but Connected Only on Sikhanandkaraj: JASSI

Posted By:: JASVINDER BAKSHI On: 04 September, 2023
Karan and Jassi studied in the same college but got a chance to connect with each other only after they met through Sikhanandkaraj matrimonial website. Karan found his match within three months after registering on the portal.

Every couple has one thing that glues them together. Art is what connected them. Karan is an Editor and Jassi is an Software Engineer.

Talking about their married life, Karan says, “This is a very different phase of life. Now I have someone with whom I can share everything and it’s a beautiful experience.

We both have a great understanding and it feels comfortable being with each other always.” Jassi adds, “We lead a simple life. We ensure to spend time together.”

Their honeymoon to GOA gave them a chance to understand each other. “Ours was a four-day trip. We are foodies and explored so many dishes. The trip was full of fun,” says JASSI.

Giving out a piece of advice to singles, KARAN says, “Understanding is extremely important. The other essential in a relationship is not taking your partner for granted. Respecting your partner helps build a strong relationship.” She adds, “Marriage is the turning point of a person’s life. Take time to find the right person for you.”

We wish Karan and Jassi a happy marriage!